Lot #492 - New Haven Kero #100 Red Cast Globe

Railroad New Haven 
Size 4" tall globe 
Condition Good

This lantern is marked NYNH&HRR on the lid. It has the Adlake Kero #100 marking on the very top. This model has what looks like a Reliable frame and it uses an odd retaining spring that supports the unique globe size that even has the word TOP cast into one end. The design was so poor that they had to tell you which way was up! A few railroads ordered this model. The globe has NYNH&HRR cast in an oval panel. The globe is very nice. There are rust pin holes in the bottom of the cup that holds the pot. The pot and burner are original to this frame. Yes, that odd burner was the one that Kero 100s were shipped with. Good condition. 


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copyright Scott Czaja 2011