Lot #442 - 2 Boston & Maine lanterns




Railroad Boston & Maine 
Size Globe sizes: Vesta = 4" tall, Reliable = 5 1/2" tall 
Condition Good - Very Good

This pair of Boston and Maine lanterns both have marked frames and globes. 

The Dietz Vesta frame has the entire BOSTON & MAINE name spelled out and it has a red etched B&MRR globe. This lantern is complete and pretty clean. 

The 2nd lantern is an Adlake Reliable frame marked "B&M RR" on the lid and it has a 5 1/2" tall clear cast B&MRR globe. The casting in the globe is above average in quality. 

Again, both are complete and don't require any more cleaning. A nice pair of lanterns. 


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copyright Scott Czaja 2011