Lot #433 - 4 lanterns and an extra globe

Railroad Vary 
Size vary 
Condition Good +

This is a lantern group and it includes: 

#1 - Dietz #39 Standard bellbottom frame with a 5 1/4" tall NYNH&HRR cast globe. The lantern is complete and in Very Good condition. 

#2 - Dietz #39 Steel Clad wire bottom lantern frame with a Vulcan red globe that is 5 1/4" tall in Good condition. 

#3 - A clear 6" tall Barn style lantern globe in Good condition. 

#4 - Dietz Square Tube driving lamp with spring mount clips. Complete with filler cap and wick. Very Good condition. 

#5 - Embury "Windsor" #2 barn style lamp. Complete with some light surface rust here and there. Good condition. 


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copyright Scott Czaja 2011