Lot #432 - 2 Switch Locks and 1 Key from the Minnesota "Dan Patch Line"



Railroad Dan Patch Line 
Size standard
Condition Good +

This group of unusual predecessor and successor lines of the "Dan Patch Line" in Minnesota. 

The steel lock is stamped MN&S (Minneapolis Northfield & Southern) across the back with a code of "14" on the shackle

The brass lock has a wonderful MSTPR&DETCO (Minneapolis St Paul Rochester and Dubuque Electric Traction Company) stamping on the shackle with the old Adams & Westlake "hex" logo on the dust cover. I always thought the A&W hex logo would pre-date a line that just existed from 1917-1918

The key is marked MN&S with Adlake on the reverse. The key only trips the brass lock. The steel lock probably needs some oil. 

These are unusual Minnesota items. The brass lock markings are very nice. 


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