Lot #422 - 10 Switch Locks, 3 with matching brass Keys



Railroad vary 
Size standard stamped switch locks
Condition Good +

This group of locks has 3 with keys. They are the first 3. The remaining 7 do not have keys. The group consists of: 

(1) SOO Line Adlake steel lock with an Adlake SOO Line key 

(2) CStPM&O Adlake steel lock with a matching CStPM&O Adlake brass key 

(3) CGW (Chicago Great Western) Adlake steel lock with matching CGW Adlake brass key 

(4) PCRR steel lock (Penn Central) 

(5) UP MP C 1957 steel lock by F&S Hardware 

(6) MOPAC LINES Adlake steel lock '79 date code 

(7) SOO SW F&S Hardware steel lock 1954 on shackle 

(8) CMSTP&P Adlake steel lock 

(9) CMSTP&P Adlake steel lock with '80 date code 

(10) CMSTP&P RR F&S steel lock stamped 1945 on shackle 

These locks all have working dust cover springs and may require a lube before operating. Condition varies. 


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copyright Scott Czaja 2011