Lot #388 - 7 Baltimore & Ohio RR Dining Car items



Railroad Baltimore & Ohio 
Size vary 
Condition vary

This is a group of paper items from the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad. They are all related to dining cars: 

1) "The Capitol" folding Dinner Menu, Very good condition 

2) "The Capitol" single sheet breakfast menu, Very good condition

3) "Ambassador" Dinner Menu from WWII era, single fold, heavy wear, Poor condition

4) "Capitol Limited" multi-page folder Pullman Service C-BV-41 Beverages, Good condition

5) "Good Morning" free coffee coaster, Excellent condition

6) Children's menu - die cut multifold on a bias, Excellent condition

7) "What's Cooking" - 32 page cook book, circa 1950s, Good condition.


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