Lot #329 - Crouse Hinds 1909 Electric MU Headlight




Railroad unknown 
Size 11" diameter 
Condition Very Good

This may be a trolley or backup light from a steam locomotive. The body is heavy cast iron and is 11" total diameter. The clear lens that now shows a strong purple tinge is 10" in diameter and is convex is shape. The body is 5" thick. It is heavy. It has a white porcelain concave reflector and a large light bulb. The rim of the body has CROUSE HINDS on one side a PATENTED MAR 23 '09 on the other side. There is a metal tag with stamped information. The tag has "100 Watts", "MU", #29793. Crouse Hinds is a well known electrical manufacturer in Syracuse New York. They have been in business for many years. This lamp has 3 heavy thumb screws to open the front assembly. There is an electrical cord coming out of the bottom. It is unclear if it will work. The MU marking may refer to an Electrical line that ran MU (Multiple Units). The lens rattles and should have an "O" ring installed to prevent damage to the nice lens. The lens has been partially cleaned to make sure there was no damage. This item was consigned in filthy condition. This item can not be shipped. 


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