Lot #171 - 2 Brass Locks from New Hampshire




Railroad Concord based roads 
Size standard 
Condition Good

This lot consists of 2 brass locks: 

(1) BC&M (Boston Concord & Montreal Railroad) Switch lock made by Williams Page & Co of Boston. The dust cover spring is broken and this lock was hard used. It has the standard vertical bit and patent info on the shackle. 

(2) Concord & Montreal Car lock made by Sherburne of Boston. It has the Car "seal hole" on one side and it takes a curved "9" bit key. 

The history of these roads is that the Boston Concord & Montreal and Concord combined in 1889 to form the Concord & Montreal. In 1895 the C&M merged into the Boston & Maine. The C&M is cleaner and they are both New Hampshire lines. Good Boston & Maine predecessors. 


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