Lot #147 - 6 matching switch locks with brass Keys


Railroad vary 
Size standard 
Condition varies

A group of steel switch locks all have matching brass switch keys. The group consists of: 

(1) WPRR Adlake with WPRR Adlake brass key marked "11711" on the reverse 

(2) CGW Adlake steel lock with CGW Adlake brass key 

(3) Soo Line Adlake steel lock with '77 date code with Soo Line brass key by Adlake 

(4) MOPAC LINES steel Adlake lock with "Switch" stamped on shackle with MOPAC "4010" marked key 

(5) MKT F&S Hardware steel lock stamped 1955 on shackle with fat barrel MKT stamped Slaymaker key 

(6) SP Co F&S Hardware steel lock with 1955 stamped on shackle with SPCO Adams & Westlake (football logo ) "4051" "S" marked key. 

Condition of these sets varies but none are abused. Many items have old inventory or price stickers. 


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copyright Scott Czaja 2011