Lot #134 - 5 "Sample" Passes from the South


Railroad vary 
Size mostly 4" by 2 1/2" 
Condition Good +

This group of passes has 5 sample printings. Samples were made to verify the layout, color, printing size and other features. The railroad would request samples annotate them and then ask for changes. Samples are interesting because they show what might have been. They are often odd sizes and they often have blank backs. The railroads that requested them often "hole punched" them so that they could not be used. This group includes: 

(1) Atlanta & Richmond Air Line 1877 - paper issue, one hole punch 

(2) Cumberland Valley 1870 - extra clean 

(3) Georgia Southern & Florida Railroad - no date, one hole punch 

(4) Louisville & Nashville - no date, one hole punch 

(5) Wilmington Columbia & Augusta 1881 - fine waterfall vignette, "H" shaped punch. 

Condition varies, please see the pictures.


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copyright Scott Czaja 2011