Lot #123 - "Liberty" Dining Car Chimes


Railroad n/a 
Size 12" by 7 1/4"
Condition Very Good

The Liberty Chimes Company was a competitor of Deagan. This set was made in Chicago. This set of chimes has 4 tones and rubber feet in addition to the two eyelets that could be used to wear it around your neck. Chimes were used on Trains, Ships and Theaters. The old NBC radio and TV hourly tone was made with chimes. This set has the Liberty label on the back and it is faintly stamped "100" below the label. The longest side measures 12" and it is 7 1/4" wide. It needs to be restrung to get a fine tone. Right now it sounds just "OK". The hammer is original to the chimes and it has a nice old look to it. 


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