Lot #122 - "A EX Co" - Express Company lantern



Railroad Adams or American Express Co 
Size 5 1/2" globe height
Condition Excellent

This tall globe (5 1/4" tall) lantern was made for either the Adams or American Express Company. Standard Railroad lanterns were modified with bulls-eyes so that the Express companies could use them as Wagon Lamps. The bail is also modified to have an eyelet in the top for more secure mounting. These could have also been used on-board trains or used for general purpose lighting. The lid is clearly stamped "A. EX. Co". The top has the Start Headlight manufacturing marks. The lid latch is the unusual Star 2 tiny brass rivet retainer. I am not sure if the red bulls-eye was factory or Express Company applied. The base also has unusual flat base wire wraps. The base also has an angle before it plunges down for the fount cup. Models like a Reliable come straight across. The fount is unmarked and the brass burner is a "Vortex" model. The globe is an unmarked Rayo. The frame has a globe platform so a non-extended base globe is appropriate for this frame. Excellent condition.


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copyright Scott Czaja 2011