Lot #101 - Nathan 5 Chime Locomotive Steam Whistle



Railroad New Haven usage 
Size 18 1/2" tall 
Condition very good

This is a large Nathan Five Chime Steam Whistle. It comes with it's original hunter green painted control arm from the locomotive cab. The hunter green color confirms the story from the family that it came from that it was from a New Haven locomotive. 

The nut on top does move. One side fin is bent. It stands 18 1/2" tall (including the base plate). The steel base plate was added so that it can stand up on its own. The NATHAN name is in raised cast lettering in two locations: 

(1) on the second step down facing straight up 

(2) larger lettering on the curved base. 

This is an unusual item. The family that consigned it said that they hooked it up to steam 20 years ago and it worked at that time. It is from a town in South-Central, Massachusetts. Good condition.


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