Lot #98 - Brass Locomotive Cab Lamp made by Star Headlight Co



Railroad unknown 
Size 4 1/2" tall globe 
Condition Good

This is a nice Cab Lamp that is all brass and measures 10" tall including the mount fitting on the bottom. The globe has a 4 1/2" visible area. The globe extends beyond the top and bottom and was designed to be replaced. three small screws hold the globe in place. Some nummy over tightened one screw and chipped a piece off the globe. The globe is molded and not free blown. The applied brass tag at the top reads, "STAR HEADLIGHT AND LANTERN CO , ROCHESTER, NY, USA." The base has a two pin bayonet mount that works fine. The burner is a Plume & Atwood model. The piece of chipped glass is included in a baggie. We ask that you not attempt to tighten or loosen the set screws during the auction preview. The base has a threaded mount for fixing this lamp in place. Good condition. 


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