Lot #94 - Northern Railroad of New Hampshire Fixed globe lantern




Railroad Northern of New Hampshire 
Size standard 
Condition Good

This lantern is very heavy. The tin weighs next to nothing so it must be the glass. The globe has a nice reverse curve. It has a small top diameter. Both the top and bottom of the globe have applied flanges of glass. 

The bail is a standard flat band. The top has a star-diamond-star vent assembly. There is an old repair/enhancement to the top. A band of tin was soldered in to hold the globe to the top. The first time I saw one of these I thought it was a crude modern repair. It's not. This type of repair is old and I have now seen 5 lanterns with this feature. What's even stranger is that they all look like the same guy did all of the repairs. 

The base has lots of Japan finish intact. It looks like copper paint. The bell was once re-soldered to the base ring. This is not uncommon. There is a blob of old aged solder on the bell-tube joint. This is just a butt joint and these often come loose. The pinch pot assembly has some rot. It is OK. It has a glass fount and brass collar and brass double whale oil pick wick burner. 

The Northern of New Hampshire was a political football that got tossed around among other New Hampshire railroads. Eventually the Boston & Maine took all of these roads over. This is not a common form of lantern for the Northern. You tend to see more marked with the Old English fancy cutting.


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