Lot #91 - Boston Concord & Montreal Fixed Globe Lantern

Railroad Boston Concord & Montreal 
Size standard 
Condition Excellent

This This lantern is very old. This is a well known form with standard features: 

(1) narrow tube vent assembly with pyramid top vent 

(2) flat band bail with original wire retainers 

(3) free blown globe with applied ring to base 

(4) This BC&M over ED cutting is a well known standard wheel cutting 

(5) pinch pot style base with a 5 5/8" diameter bell 

(6) the pinch pot has a glass fount and a double whale oil pick wick

One outstanding thing about this lantern is the amount of discoloration in the swirl marks. Because the globe is free blown and not molded like later globes there can be some variation to the swirl patterns. There is nice original crud/rust in the plaster areas. This lantern is from one of the oldest collections in the country and I'm thrilled to have it on consignment. I personally guarantee the authenticity of this lantern. This lantern is at least 140 years old. Excellent condition. 


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copyright Scott Czaja 2011