Lot #84 - Brass Marine or Railroad Bellbottom lantern with 1865 patents





Railroad none 
Size 6" barrel globe 
Condition Good

This Bellbottom lantern uses a 6" barrel style railroad globe. The lid has 2 patent dates: May 2, 1865 & Oct 24, 1865. There are no other markings. There are a few minor stress cracks in the bell. The pinch pot is a "three point" rather than 2 point pinch. The brass top is a nice form. The lid latch is an odd pivoting rivet/thumb turn. The globe is an unmarked 6" railroad style globe. Somebody with a rare early marked railroad lantern may be interested in this lantern just for the globe and pinch pot. Brass pinch pots are hard to find. Good condition. 


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copyright Scott Czaja 2011