Lot #71 - Central RR of NJ tall globe lantern with cast "CRR of NJ" globe



Railroad Central RR of New Jersey 
Size 5 1/2" tall globe 
Condition Very Good

This Dressel tall globe lantern has not been cleaned. The frame is solid and I can guarantee that it would look a lot better with a good cleaning. The lantern is complete and all original. The frame marking is much better than the photo shows. The frame has the unique Dressel cotter pin lid hinge. You can literally remove the lid for cleaning. The frame is square and solid. The pot is a little gunky from oil. The globe is a very deep casting with the smaller "OF" lettering . The casting is in an oval panel. The globe has nice swirls and a couple of bubbles. Very Good uncleaned condition. 


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copyright Scott Czaja 2011