Lot #31 - Boston Lowell & Nashua - Thompson Lantern



Railroad Boston Lowell & Nashua 
Size 6" tall globe 
Condition Good

The BL&N RR is is an uncommon Thompson marking. The Thompson patent is stamped on one of the bail ears. This frame has the earlier 5 1/2" diameter base. The later frames have a 6 1/2" diameter bell base. The lid is nicely stamped with the BL&N RR in large, fancy lettering. The extra space on the lid was stamped with a fancy "filler" pattern. This lantern was cleaned some time ago and shows some pitting. The pinch pot does not have the 2 small spring clips underneath but it's definitely a Thompson pot. The glass fount and Beacon brass burner are appropriate for this model. This version of the top does not come with a brass ferrule for the set screw. This is not uncommon - it's a 50:50 on the brass ferrule being present. The top bail wire is a replacement. This is not uncommon. The base intake hole are with the double pattern of intakes has one small hole punch on one side. Not a big flaw on something this rare. The globe is a correct 6" extended base Thompson "tear drop". The globe is unmarked and has a little, old rusty crud on its bottom edge. This is a nice lantern and not common with this marking in this condition. Good condition. 


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