Lot #27 - Rutland Adlake Kero #250 Lantern



Railroad Rutland RR 
Size 3" tall globe 
Condition Good

This lantern is a Kero #250 which uses a three piece crimped top and pre-dates the use of date codes on the bottom. The base has the "starburst" found on the 1913 Reliable models. The very top is stamped RUTLAND RR. The red globe is marked ADLAKE KERO and does not have a Rutland marking. The pot is from an Adlake #400. Mis-matched Kero components are not uncommon. These lantern models were designed to do just that, interchange parts. There is a slight bend in the wick adjusting wire. There is a flake off the base of the globe. A decent clean Rutland lantern. 


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copyright Scott Czaja 2011