Lot #7 - Rutland Railroad Adlake Reliable Bellbottom Lantern



Railroad Rutland RR 
Size 5 1/2" tall globe 
Condition Good

The frame is a standard Adlake Reliable bellbottom with RUTLAND RR clearly stamped on the lid. The small panel has a shop stamped serial number of 9313. The frame is clean. The globe is a Corning style with RUTLAND RR CO in etched lettering. The lettering is graduated in the correct places. The etching has what is called a "double strike" in coin collecting. The stencil must have moved because one end has two images. It's a neat oddity. The burner is from the last style used on Reliables. It has a wire adjuster that some think is not correct but the last Reliables were shipped with this style of burner. Some, like this one have the Apr 1909 patent marking. The bell has numerous dings. They aren't huge dents but lots of little dents. Basically Good condition. 


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