Railroad & Train Auctions

Auctions: October 13 & 14, 2023

Friday Railroad - standard 2:00 pm EST no internet bidding
Saturday Railroad - standard 10:30 am EST with LiveAuctioneers

Absentee Bidding Information

Railroad Auction #38 - Friday October 13, 2023

No Internet - 2:00 pm Start

Catalog will be here when available


Railroad Auction #39 - Saturday October 14, 2023

LiveAutioneers Catalog in September 2023

Gallery of coming items

Model Trains - Coming in Spring of 2024 - Multiple Collections
Auctions by a collector for collectors

Gallery of featured items that have sold

Past Auction Catalogs:

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April 23, 2022 Railroad Auction #31 - Catalog

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October 30, 2021 Model and Toy Trains - Catalog #29

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October 2, 2021  Catalog #28

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April 17, 2021  Catalog #26

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August 1, 2020  Catalog #24

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October 13, 2012  Catalog #5

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April 21, 2012 Catalog #4

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October 22, 2011 Catalog #3

o No hidden Reserves - All items will be sold with $25.00 minimum bids

o Auction format - Scott Czaja will catalog this auction

o Absentee bids will be accepted and fairly executed (phone, email, mail)

o Use LiveAuctioneers to bid from home before or on auction day

o New Hampshire has NO State Sales Tax

Why you should consign

 Absentee Bidding – Please read the section below carefully. The current policies are:

(1)            Every auction we encounter somebody with absentee bids that "loses a tie." How do you lose a tie? If you leave an absentee bid of $50.00 and I start that item for you at $25.00 and somebody else bids 30.00 on the floor, I will then bid 35.00 for you. If somebody on the floor (or live online) bids 40.00 I will bid 45.00 for you. If somebody on the floor or online bids 50.00 I can't bid more than the 50.00 you gave me as a maximum bid. You will lose this tie. It happens. You might also win the item for 25.00, 35.00 or 45.00 (if there are no other bids). With increasing absentee bids, this is happening more often. We have also had a few guys with issues on how LiveAcutioneers determines who wins an item. I can guarantee you that we do not determine this. LiveAuctioneers has provided explanations to us and bidders who thought they won an item. LiveAuctioneers determines ALL LiveAuctioneer winners. LiveAuctioneers does not inform us of any bids until the item opens on the floor. They then tell us what an item starts at and who the winner is on any lot where a LiveAuctioneer bidder is the winner. 

(2)                           The minimum absentee bid is $25.00. Pre-auction Box Lots can sell for ANY amount.

(3)                           All bids must end in a multiple of a specified “increment” See this page for the specific amounts

(4)                           If there is only one absentee bid on an item, we will open that item on the floor for a reasonable amount. If there is one bid of $100 on a $50 item we will start the item at $25. If there is one bid of $200 on a $500 item we may start the bidding at $100. If there is one bid of $100 on a $1,000 item we may start the bidding at $100.

(5)                           If there are multiple absentee bids we will open the bidding at one bid above the 2nd place bidder. If we have bids of $30 and $80, we will open the item at $35 (one bid above $30). If we have bids of $90 and $100 we will open the item at $100 (one bid above $90). I was asked why the absentee bids either went on forever or I would bid once and give up. If I have bids of $25 and $30, I will bid $30 once and that’s it. If I have bids of $25 and $300, I may start the bidding at $50 and then bid to up to $300 against any live bidders.

(6)                           I hope this helps both prospective absentee bidders and auction attendees understand our absentee bidding policy.

(7)                           We DO NOT reveal any bids or the names of people who place absentee bids.

(8)                           In-house absentee bids must be made by Friday evening the day before the auction. We spend Friday night sorting all of the bids and making a bid sheet for the floor clerk. It takes time to register all of the bidders into the auction house software. We can't process bids scribbled on the back of an envelope.      

Scott Czaja

PO Box 473

Bolton, MA  01740-0473


Frequently Asked Questions



What is a "Reserve"? Why do I care?


Some antique auctions have used a semi-secret technique called a "reserve." It is a secret value below which an item will not be sold, and the item is returned to the consignor if no bidder reaches the secret minimum. This way of doing business is hard on bidders as well as the auction house. We are trying to make this auction a buyers' experience. Without reserves all items will be sold with no secret minimum values.


Is it too late to consign items?


No, However this is a specialty sale and to properly catalog and advertise your items for maximum return you should consign early.


I have attended some of the Brookline Railroad Auctions. Will this one have a catalog? When can I get one?


Yes. There will be a free online catalog. There will also be a free online “list” of one line per item available. The online catalog will be available sooner. We will also have a simple list (one line per item) printed out at the auction hall so you can doodle along with the sale. There will be a minimal fee for this. 


Why are there many web sites (www.TagTown.net www.brooklineauctiongallery.com LiveAuctioneers.com)?


Scott Czaja is the Sales Manager and is responsible for: getting consignments, developing the catalog, answer collector questions.
Brookline Auction Gallery LLC will supply the auction facility including auction staff. Ron Pelletier, a licensed New Hampshire auctioneer will sell the actual items. Brooklilne Auction Gallery LLC also provides Bonded storage (insured) for consigned items. Both Scott Czaja and Brooklilne Auction Gallery LLC have other business activities that do not include each other. We are partnering on specific, live railroad auctions. The actual catalog is published on the LiveAuctioneers web site.


Do I have to attend in person or can I call in or mail a bid?


We will definitely accept "absentee" bids. All bids are held in strict confidence. You can leave bids with Scott Czaja or Brookline Auction Gallery. The processing goes faster if you email your bids to Scott: sczaja@hotmail.com  You will be responsible for shipping & insurance costs. There may be some large or "awkward to ship" items. They will be flagged in the catalog. You can also register with LiveAuctioneers and use either absentee and or live bidding.


Will there be live internet bidding?


Yes, We have been using LiveAuctioneers since auction #7. You must regisiter through LiveAuctioneers and then you can use their absentee bidding or you can bid live on auction day. 


Will there be phone bidding?


Yes, if you agree to open an item for at least $500.00. This is done to discourage calls where somebody just wants to find out what is going on. You must schedule specific lots in advance. On auction day we will call the number you provide 3 lots before your specific lot(s) are on the floor. If we can not reach you one bid of $500 will be executed on your behalf. 


I am interested in consigning. What do I do?


Contact Scott Czaja. I will ask for a list of what you have. We need to manage the material already consigned with new consignments so that everyone has a chance to have their items featured. We have many collecting categories that fill up fast.


What commission do you charge for consignments?


This depends on: (1) how much you have (2) the quality of what you have (3) time to catalog
which can include cleaning, packaging or other preparation work. (4) how much inventory we have and how your items fit into that inventory


I can’t wait to the auction to sell my things. Will you buy my collection?


Yes. It helps if you have a list of what items you have. This way I can schedule a detailed evaluation.


Can I get on a list so I get updates on the auction?


Yes, I will bring a "sign up" sheet to shows. In addition if you send me an eMail with "Brookline auction" in the subject line I'll put your email address into a distribution list. When major milestones are met, I'll notify you regarding what we are up to and how to get access to new pictures and other information. We also all have non-internet friends. If you know of someone who is not online, please eMail me their mailing address and I'll send out notices when the catalog is available or other important milestones have been met.


Will you accept absentee bids from Canada?


Yes. You would be responsible for paying in $US and you would be responsible for any duty
fees. All customs forms will be filled out with an accurate accounting.  Please remember that there is no "book" rate for shipping to Canada.


Who are you?


I, Scott Czaja, bought a switch key at a train show in 1972. I collected off and on for years and then got serious about collecting Railroadiana in the 1980s. I have been the New England Regional Vice President of the "Railroadiana Collectors Association Inc." since the mid 1990s. I have been a member of Key Lock and Lantern since the 1990s. I have been a member of various railroad historical societies for years. I have attended major Railroadiana shows since the 1990s. I have been a fulltime Railroadiana dealer since 2001.  I did mail-order sales for years before there was an eBay. I have done detailed collection appraisals valued at $210,000 and $375,000. I use my name as my eBay ID: S*Czaja. I want collectors to find me and I have nothing to hide. It is my goal to make this an auction by a collector for collectors.

Feel free to contact Scott Czaja at: sczajaAThotmailDOTcom

Copyright 2017 Scott Czaja