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Ansonia Brass & Copper Co.

This maker is best known for their clock making. A couple of checks are know to exist from this maker. Ansonia started in Ansonia Connecticut and eventually moved to New York. Very little is known of their baggage check production. I will list what I know of their corporate comings and goings when I locate my notes on this maker (what a mess my office is). Needless to say others have documented this copmpany.

I wish this check said Delaware & Hudson Canal Company. This would put it into the late 1800s. With this later name form (no Canal Company) it is hard to date. This maker is a tough one to find.
Ansonia Brass & Copper check
The makers hallark is almost impossible to read on this check. The letters are actually raised whcih make this an oddity. The Grand Truck (even this logo) had a long life span, so this check and maker are very hard to date. The image has been enlarged for clarity.

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