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Thomas Abbott

Thomas Abbott holds an obscure patent form December 5, 1882. Between 1880 and !882 various other inventors/manufacturers (W.W. Wilcox is the best know) came up with other designs in an effort to incorporate paper/cardstock inserts. This requirement came becasue of the staggering numbers of "Interline" tags that were being manufactured. Edmund Hoole's (1858 patent) reversible design was in its glory at this time. The problem was that every city to city permutation was required. With thousands of unique destinations a little math suggests that this was great for baggage check manufactures, but not a good situation for the railroads that required an enless number of tags.

It is not known if Abbott was just the patent holder or if he additionally manufactured tags. The patent papers list New York, New York as Abbott's location.

I would appreciate any additional information on this maker.
Thomas Abbott check and patent drawing

Note that ther reverse side is blank. This tag would be Figure 5 in the patent drawing that follows.


A pretty convoluted scheme when it comes right down to it. No wonder this is a rare tag.

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